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Royal Windsor Flower Show 2024 - The Habitat Garden

The design aims to demonstrate the potential for enhancing biodiversity within any garden space by creating microhabitats. The main habitat features of the border are the gabions, filled with a variety of materials of different textures, providing essential habitats and shelters for different species of insects, reptiles, amphibians and small mammals. The planting scheme follows a naturalistic style and is inspired by the superbloom phenomenon observed in desert regions, which in the design serves as a metaphor for the resilience of plants and how with climate change we must start favouring species that can thrive in more extreme conditions.

With special thanks to

For sponsoring the plants

Plant list

Achillea 'Moonshine'

Arbutus unedo

Bergenia 'Bressingham White'

Briza media 'Limouzi'

Eryngium zabelli 'Big Blue'

Pittosporum 'Silver Queen'

Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna'

Sesleria autumnalis

Stipa tenuissima

Thymus 'Silver Queen'

Trollius chinensis 'Golden Queen'

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