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Garden clearance and tidy-ups

We offer complete removal of any overgrown plants and unruly vegetation that may be detracting from the beauty of your garden. We will clear and weed garden beds, ensuring they are ready for new planting or enhancing existing ones.

If your garden doesn't need a drastic solution, we can do a general tidy-up where we will mow the grass, trim hedges, prune bushes, shrubs and climbers, remove weeds so the garden becomes accessible again and easy to maintain. 

Whichever option you choose all garden waste, fallen leaves, and debris will be efficiently collected and removed from your property, leaving it clean and tidy.

We also offer pressure washing services. Removing algae, mould, dirt from from driveways, pathways, and patios will make your property more safe and will significantly improve its appearance, making it look fresh, clean, and well-maintained.

Green Waste Recycling

John M., Blackwater

“Our garden looked tired, unappealing and untidy. Tom was able to tidy it and make it look like a place where we would actually enjoy spending some time. Very professional and communication was great!."


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