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Garden Consultation

Uncover the Hidden Beauty of Your Garden with Professional Guidance

Vegetable Garden

If you like working in the garden on your own but need extra expertise to make sure your garden project is feasible? Or maybe you are thinking about hiring a designer, however, you are not sure about investing in the whole design package, our garden consultation will be a perfect choice for you. 


Our consultant Agata can support you by :

  • Sharing extensive plant knowledge, providing design expertise with consideration for your preferred aesthetics, maintenance needs and local soil and climate conditions. 

  • Identifying and solving issues such as pest control, diseases, soil problems, or any other challenges that might arise in a garden.

  • Helping you to develop new areas of the garden or improve existing ones by providing creative solutions for your outdoor space. 

  • Helping you to optimise the use of available space, ensuring that every corner of the garden contributes to its beauty and functionality.

  • Providing guidance and advice on ongoing care, pruning or preparing a maintenance schedule specific to your garden.


Prices starts from £175 for consultation for small to medium garden. The report in form of pdf is included in the price. 

Sian Warner., Blackwater

"Working with Agata on this flower bed has been great, she listens, has informed and constructive ideas and put the effort into making balanced recommendations to give me a wonderful bed, welcoming more bees and butterflies than ever before, with cost effective plants that look brilliant, even in its first summer.  

I’m looking forward to working with Agata on the next bed to see what wonders she can work there too - thank you very much indeed. "


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