Planting design

Have an inspiring garden all year round

Would you like to have a garden you have been proud of, but all it gives you is a headache? Muddy and sad in winter, scary untamed jungle in the summer or opposite - whatever you plant, it dies? Do you want to change it but feel overwhelmed by it and don't know what would work best? 

We can create a unique garden that will bring you joy all the seasons and will be perfect for your specific conditions. You will save money and time on solutions that won't work

How does it work?

1. You need to contact us ;-)

2. We have a chat about your needs and preferences 

3. We come to assess your garden, take measurements and soil samples

4. You receive your unique planting project!

5. We can provide and plant the plants for you or you can do this on your own - it's up to you!

Prices start from £150 


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