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Garden Design Project: Lawnless back garden in Blackwater

When our maintenance Clients approached us asking about designing their garden, we knew it would be an exciting project. The garden layout was traditional, with the lawn in the middle and flower beds on the sides. We thought: what if we remove the lawn and the 'flower bed' will be...everywhere? Fortunately, our Clients loved the idea as much as we did :-) We agreed to keep the planting in a naturalistic, more 'relaxed' style, which would include ornamental grasses, be full of colours, have something interesting for each season, and, from time to time, surprise our clients with unexpected flowers!

The garden is still in the developing stage, but let's see how it did in its first year.

Garden before redesigning

Before planting

In early Summer

Late Summer

Compare these pictures with the 'Before' ones to see how much bigger the garden seems now.

We can't wait to share pictures of this design in year two, as we've added many bulbs for spring colour, and we expect the grasses and other perennials to become more voluminous.


In the first years after redesigning the gardens, we like to check on the project 3-4 times in different seasons to see how the plants are performing and to make any adjustments.

Would you be keen on having the garden without the lawn?

Contact us so we can help you with your garden project!

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